Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ireland's Memorial Records 1914 - 1918

Porters listed in

Ireland's Memorial Records 1914 - 1918
Being the names of Irishmen who fell in the Great European War, 1914-1918, compiled by The Committee Of The Irish National War Memorial with decorative Boarders by Harry Clark. Privately printed for The Committee of The Irish National War Memorial by Maunsel and Roberts, Limited 1923

(for full transcription of the below names go to Porter Surname Genealogy)

Alan Grey Porter
Albert Porter
Alexander Porter
Allan Porter
Archibald Porter
Bert Porter
Cyril Porter
Daniel Porter
David Porter
Eddie Porter
Edward Clifford Porter
Ernest Porter
Frederick Charles Porter
George D Porter
George Porter
Hugh Porter
J J Porter
James Ingrey Porter
James Porter (4 listed)
Jeremiah Porter
John Grey Archdale - Porter
John Porter (5 listed)
Joseph John Porter
Joseph Porter (3 listed)
Lambert G F Porter
Leslie Porter
Matthew Porter
Patrick Porter
Reuben George Porter
Robert Cyril Porter
Robert Porter (3 listed)
Samuel Porter
Stanley Porter
Stephen Porter
Thomas Porter (2 listed)
W G Porter
Walter Charles Porter
Wilfred Norman Porter
William James Porter
William Porter (6 listed)
William Ridgeway Porter

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